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Upcoming Retreats


Yin Yoga, Sound Healing & Reiki
30th Aug - 2nd Sept 2019

Come and join us in the magical French Alps and bring balance back into your body, your mind, your life, and your yoga practice by working with the Chinese meridian system, being immersed in sound therapy and absorbing the healing power of reiki leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Root to Rise Ibiza
19th April - 25th April 2020

We have designed a retreat programme taking you on a journey from root to rise; working with the energetic body, the Chinese meridian system, the chakra system and tapping in to your own personal power whilst immersing you in different sound and reiki sessions.

Everest Basecamp Trek Nepal
26th Sept - 11th Oct 2020

We are beyond excited to re-walk our steps and offer this retreat as a personal transformational journey combined with yoga, sound healing and reiki as we climb up to 5380metres and trek 130km through lush forest, past raging waters, unexpected sandy paths and staggering rocky terrain.



Our Philosophy

“The quieter you are, the more you can hear “ - Rumi

Living in the modern world it is really easy to become burnt out with too many projects, demanding jobs, being a parent, difficult relationships, too many social plans, poor diet etc and this can lead to us getting sick, developing disease and not fulfilling the our maximum life potential -believe me... we have been here!

We offer a space to slow down, press the pause button and tune in with your own body, mind and energetic system so you can understand what is needed to be at optimal health whether is be physically, emotionally, mental or spiritually. Our retreats, workshops, treatments and classes can be very healing and are created using ancient techniques from Traditional Chinese Medicine, The Ayurvedic Chakra System, The Japanese Reiki System and vibrational therapy from the Himalayas using Singing Bowls, Gongs and other instruments (including your own voice) to reactivate your body's own natural healing system, bring you back to into balance and work towards preventing health issues down the line.

You will find us in the beautiful 3 Valleys during the winter ski season where we offer regular group classes, private sessions and treatments. For the rest of the year you will find us offering retreats across the globe and also travelling around the UK offering workshops.

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