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Yoga has changed my life. For years I suffered with Adrenal Fatigue and an autoimmune disease, that combined with being a workaholic in the corporate world often meant doing 13-hour days and using all my energy up at work that I often had nothing left for me let alone time for my family or friends. After becoming dependent on steroid injections, medication and coffee just to get through the day I decided to come back to Yoga and explore a holistic lifestyle. As if like magic, my good friend invited me to join her on a Yoga retreat and it was the turning point I needed in my life (I can’t believe I hadn’t been on a Yoga retreat sooner) Very quickly I found that a regular Yoga practice taught me the art of balance and not only did my physical body became stronger, more flexible and reduced pain but my mental health and whole perspective significantly changed. Ashtanga is my first love but my passion is Yin Yoga as not only does it slow you down but can be very healing internally and externally (you need both). I have specialised in this Yin Yoga and have developed a deep interest in traditional Chinese medicine, organ health, acupressure and the chakra system which I use to inspire our sessions. Sound and Reiki has also been a huge influence in my healing path which is why James and I love to work together and create a healing and transformational experiences that we can offer on a private basis, group classes, workshops or retreats. In 2019 I continue to deepen my knowledge partaking in my level 3 Yin Yoga with Sarah Lo (senior assistant to Sarah Powers) and also Yin and Acupressure with Jo Phee (senior assistant to Paul Grilley) #alwaysastudent

Training so far:

• 200+ hours yoga certification accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals
 • 100 hours Foundations and Advanced Yin Yoga Training with Sarah Lo
 • 100 hours Chakra Balance Immersion and Yin Yoga Training with Kata Van Doesselaar
 • Yoga Nidra Foundation Course with the Yoga Nidra Network
 • Transformational Breathing Workshop with Alan Dolan
 • Ashtanga weekend with David Swenson
 • Fascia and Chakra workshop with Zachery Dacuk
 • Singing Bowl Therapy Course with Grand Master Shree in Nepal
 • Essential Oils and Herb workshop
 • Reiki Level 1 in association with Reiki Evolution
 • Reiki Level 2 in association with Reiki Evolution

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Working in the fire and rescue service was my dream job and after making the difficult decision to leave after 12 years service I lost my way a little. I missed helping other people and felt something was missing. I proceeded to spend another 12 years building up my own renovations and maintenance company and whilst really enjoying meeting new people, the practical side of working with my hands and being creative I still felt I had more to offer. In 2011 I injured my spine in a car accident and the doctors said that I would need to start saving for a £20k operation to remove some of my spine which would manage the pain. The injury was affecting my life and somedays I couldn’t walk – this is where my journey started looking for alternative ways to heal. I started regular yoga classes and very soon I regained strength, mobility and reduced pain. It was actually in the yoga studio that I saw a leaflet for Reiki and became very curious in how I could tap into my own healing potential. In the back of my mind I knew this was the tool I could use to help others. It has been quite a journey working towards my Reiki master degree and I have incorporated this with sound which has taken my own healing and what I can offer to a whole new level. Working with energy and sound is fascinating and I love to hear peoples experiences and the life changing testimonials from when students have had a session with me or attended one of our events.

And guess what… I no longer need the spinal operation!

Training so far:

• Reiki Level 1 in association with Reiki Evolution
 • Reiki Level 2 in association with Reiki Evolution
 • Reiki Master (Level 3) in association with Reiki Evolution
 • Reiki Drumming Practitioner
 • Singing Bowl Therapy Course with Grand Master Shree in Nepal
 • Various Reiki and Energy workshops
 • Intensive Gong Weekend with Shiela Whittiker

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